About Me

Hi! I am so glad to meet you! My name is Stephanie and I am the photographer and boss lady of SZU Photography. I studied Media and Photography at the University of California, Riverside and have continued my education through several workshops. Handling and photographing newborns is something you definitely do not learn in college, so I took it upon myself to find the resources to teach me since this does not come first nature as I am not yet a momma. Getting to meet with so many families, new and becoming or well-seasoned and rather large, is such a blessing for me. I feel welcomed and enjoy to extend my love in return. Newborn Photography is not something all can do but with a little love, patience, and magic its more than worth it. Maternity Photography, Portrait Photography, and Milestone Photography are other services I like to offer because well....why not, right? I don't want to let my families go, I like to watch them grow! 

Besides the photography part of my life, I am a proud Latina! I come from Costa Rican roots ~PURA VIDA~, which I feel is the best country in all of Central America but I could be biased >.< I have a wonderful little family that consists of my handsome man, Cesar, who loves and supports me to the fullest (which you'll probably meet as he has become my wonderful assistant) and our fur babies, Copper and Todd. C&T are my go-to models for some of my outdoor sessions and previwing new props, hehe. My support system wouldn't be anything without my very loving and supportive family on both my side and Cesar's side. From my little but wonderful family to yours! We hope to meet you soon <3


Stephanie Zuniga